How to design your kid room

Considering the fact that children grow up at a very fast pace, designing their rooms can prove to be a very difficult task. Grown ups have their own ideas, but they might not be to the liking of the kids. Those spaces should be designed in way that reflects the child’s personality since they spend a lot of time there. While designing your child’s room it should be comfortable, stylish, fun and practical. Our selection of ideas caters to children between the toddler stage to teenagers and all other ages in between.

Designing boys bedroom

Planning a young boy’s room comes with its difficulties. While you might need to do without the neon walls, superhero bedding, and piles of toys, the inhabitant of the room may have different thoughts. It could be enticing to surrender to the solicitations of your young one, yet remember that his preferences are as still developing. Likewise, there are a lot of stylish approaches to compromise with thoughts that are energetic and furthermore refined. From intense backdrop to eccentric furnishings, a young men’s room can be planned with style to suit his character. Below are some ideas to be considered when designing a boy’s room;

  • Use energetic colors
  • Use bold prints on furniture, wall or bedding
  • You can consider sport inspired themes
  • For a timeless look use neutral colors
  • Put some toys on display to avoid cluttering the room
  • Use charming patterns to give an energetic feel

Designing girls bedroom

Creating the ideal girl’s room is tied in with picking the correct format, furniture, and shading palette. Furthermore, there should be a portion of innovativeness and playfulness. These two components that never fail to upgrade a kid’s room design.

  • Use bright colors to add a playful vibe
  • Use bright and bold colors to balance neutral walls
  • Play around with stripped and floral patterns
  • Add some playful hues for eye-catching designs

Baby nurseries

Designing your baby’s nursery calls for a lot of style and a ton of playfulness. Use the right combination of colors and patterns to have an exquisite design. Below are some of the ideas that can be used to design a nursery

  • Use gender neutral colors
  • Add designs, patterns and some toys for that playful look
  • For a sophisticated look, add pops of color and patterns on walls and furniture.
  • Add a soft rug for that cozy feel

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