Easy steps to a new bedroom

A bedroom is the most personal room of the home. It should be a space that expresses your personality – cottage-style cozy or urban chic – while being comfortable, functional, and pleasing to look at.

Room to move

The bed is the centerpiece. Shop for comfort and the largest size that fits then decide where it’s going – usually a long wall with a nearby power supply. Build the rest of your bedroom around the bed. Leaving room to walk around it gives visual balance (and makes it easy to change the linen!). Placing the bed centrally creates a natural flow but in a larger room, go for a touch of drama by placing it diagonally across a corner.

Function and balance

Whatever the size of your bedroom, you must be able to move around it safely so, balance and scale in your furniture choices are important. If there’s space either side of a large bed, why not use a chest of drawers http://tylko.com/furniture-c/chest-of-drawers/ as a nightstand? Put stylish reading lights on top and store clothing underneath. Now think about:

  • Storage: A well-organized bedroom is pleasing to look at and easy to keep tidy. Be creative with storage, fitting closets into alcoves, or placing a low chest of drawers under a window. Create a greater illusion of space in a small room with open closets. Try and squeeze in a small chair or place a bench at the foot of your bed to give a reading nook, or somewhere to lay out your clothes for the next day.
  • Function: Is your bedroom simply for sleeping or somewhere for daytime relaxing or home working? If you recharge by watching TV, place this directly opposite the bed. If books are your passion, place a quirky bookcase across a corner of the room or fit invisible bookshelves on a wall to create a feature from floating books. If your bedroom is your office, build a working space into a closet that can be shut away at the end of the day.

Finishing touches

  • Color: Use light, neutral colors in small spaces while deep shades or bold patterns add drama to larger rooms. Whatever your color scheme, bring it alive with pops of color in soft furnishings and prints.
  • Lighting: Add decorative elements with dramatic overhead pendants and function with powerful reading lights. Finish by using fairy lights to add ambiance and personality.

Luxury photo created by dit26978 – www.freepik.com